Our Team

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  • Ahmad Khouja

    Founder - Director

  • Whard Sleiman

    General Manager

    Whard Sleiman is a designer and maker who thrives at the intersection of meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge digital tools. Fueled by a Bachelor of Architecture, Whard brings a discerning eye for detail to all his creations, from furniture design to small handcrafted objects. His passion for working across scales extends beyond physical form, influencing his work in art direction and set design as well. This versatility, coupled with his proficiency in digital fabrication, allows Whard to craft impactful experiences across a wide range of creative disciplines.

  • Jean Michelle Noun

    Project Manager

    Jean-Michel is a graduate of Architecture and a blooming artist. His creative capacities and talent for art combined with his educational background, professional work experience, and the character development path he has chosen for himself make of him a reliable and promising architect. Fueled by his passion for innovation he tries to be up-to-date with the latest in design and finds it key to continuously adapt to fit the shifts in people's needs. Having had the opportunity to work in the office as well as on site, Jean Michel’s professional experience formed in him the knowledge and possibility to follow up the design from its early concept to its execution all while keeping the attention to all the details.

  • Jude

    CADCAM Operator

    Joud is a computer science graduate with a diverse professional background. After working in marketing, he transitioned into a role as a CNC wood cutting machine operator. Passionate about merging technology and craftsmanship, he brings a unique skill set to the team.

  • Jad

    CADCAM Programmer

  • Mariam Safwat


    After achieving her Master's in Management from Nantes, Mariam embarked on a dynamic journey within the realms of social media and branding, collaborating with prestigious multinational brands. Eager for new challenges, she seamlessly transitioned to the realm of event management and production, contributing significantly to the success of AUC centennial events. Currently, Mariam holds a role in the marketing department at Damj, where she also serves as a project manager for our innovative initiative, Mashghal.

  • Mohamad Bawab


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