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Open Channel

Open channel is a public audio-architectural installation that allows for an immersive surround sound experience of a schedule of audio streams both pre-recorded and live. Pre-recorded streams will be supplies by local producers interested in composite a 20minute audio journey or mix. Live streams will be supplied by the public Bia bluetooth phone connection. The project is placed on exhibit in public spaces around the city; locations that have either been forgotten, restricted or may soon lose their public access. The intent is to draw attention to them and provoke interaction, both on a social and urban level. The structure forming the installation is used on a parabolic vault if wooden boxes all aligned with a point in space nearly five meters away, roughly at the height of an average person’s ear. In this way it is almost like a girl pair of surround sound headphones. The audio streams is passed through an eight channel surround sound system connected to 30 individual speakers positioned through-out the 60 compartments of the vault. The remaining compartments carry lighting elements to allow us use in the evenings.
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