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Nimble Lighthouse

The urban landscape is saturated with obtrusive monuments to real estate development and advertisement which border on propaganda. The public domain is so infringed upon that little is left from the reach of financial speculation; so that one might be living next to a historic lighthouse that has served the public good for hundreds of years (such as the famous Manara neighborhood lighthouse of Beirut, Lebanon) and the next day it is shut down so that luxury apartments may occupy its views and not be bothered by pesky navigational beams of light. But beams of light can be repositioned and these barrens of concrete walls can be instruments of counter-propaganda. In this capacity, The Nimble Lighthouse fills a void. Compact, mobile, rechargeable, equipped to turn any city wall into an outdoor walk in-cinema. The protracting projector can display an image 5-15 meters away and roughly 2-5 meters above the ground. Also included is a shot-wave radio transmitter capable of broadcasting signals within a 5 meter radius; receivable through any mobile phone device with audio function and a pair of headphones. No permit, no zoning, no problem… just mobile guerrilla cinema.
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