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Mina Wave

In collaboration with a team of local carpenters in Tripoli as well as guest craftsmen from abroad, DAMJ is happy to be working on this exciting exploration in public furniture for the Mina seafront. The design inspiration comes from boat-hull construction used throughout many of the fishing and touring boats along Mina’s coast. This method provides an elegant way of creating an intervention, which rises from a platform structure to create an undulation that can interact with body sizes of all sorts while providing a place to: sit in the shade, lie down in the sun or wait for a friend Simultaneously, the concept and contraction method of the intervention is a meaningful reference to Mina’s seafaring and ship-building history. Situated between the bridge to Abdel Wahab Island and the informal fisherman’s port nearby, the site of the intervention allows for maximum interaction from the public who may visit the island, walking along the Cornish or take a ferry to one of the nearby islands. In this way the work serves to stimulate and support the local social ecosystem that exists in the area.
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