DAMJ is a design and fabrication company specializing in architecture, furniture, lighting, interiors, and digital fabrication.

Cascading Shards

DIMENSIONS: 40 x 140 x 40 (CM)

The piece was conceived in reference to the classic muqarnas element, but re-interpreted as a floating set of shards descending in succession. The design utilizes a set of varying angle cuts for each square wood unit to create a gradient of diamond-like elements cascading to describe a parabolic void.

A selection of the wooden shards are replaced by cast resin elements backlit by LED fixtures. The resultant light effect highlights the unique geometry of each row while translating them into a volumetric element glowing from within.

The composition as a whole can be hung in a corner or as a stand-alone object, perhaps originating from a larger logic but now set apart, a mere shard of a larger whole.

Manufacturing is done by laser-cutting and 3d-printing. Assembly is made possible using a set of snap-fit connectors.

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