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Generics Earphones (parametric modeling interface)

November 24, 2017/Consulting

To improve is to change, to perfect is to change often, Winston Churchill once said.

This was the case for Bassel Idriss, who decided to bow out from the glitzy corporate world of Procter & Gamble after a lengthy tenure and join the high-tempo world of entrepreneurship.

What pushed him to take such a decision was simple: 3D printing.

“Back in 2010, a friend of mine introduced me to 3D printing and how it works, and I was blown away by the very existence of this tech,” Idriss told Annahar, adding that “I knew that if I’m ever going to leave the corporate world to endeavor on something on my own, I want it to be in this field.”

Fast forward to 2013, after being in Lebanon for almost two years, Idriss faced a crossroad; he had to either leave Lebanon to continue his corporate job abroad or quit and start his own startup.

“Okay, now is the time, it’s either now or never,” he said to himself and made the decision that affected his entire life.

Idriss went on to co-found Generics, together with an ex-P&G colleague Basile Choueri, a company that manufactures customized earphones based on individual ear shapes and measures, working with materials used in the hearing aid industry to maximize comfort.

According to Idriss, 47 percent of people who use earphones worldwide complain from either discomfort or that they keep popping out of their ear; needless to say that 350 million earphone units are sold annually, apart from the 1.3 billion that is given away with mobile phones.

“So you’re looking at 1.65 billion earphone units being pumped into the market annually, with almost half of them (800 million) complaining of these problems, thus we are addressing a large segment of people who use them,” he said.

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