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Mashghal was informally founded in 2019, due a series of catastrophic events that have left the artisan community facing: significantly reduced orders, downsizing, damage, and closure. When the economic collapse unfolded, followed by the Covid-19 pandemic in addition to the port explosion, it became clear that craftsmen needed support in weathering the harsh economic conditions or we would witness the loss of many unique Lebanese handicrafts. After the post explosion, it became clear that action must be taken soon to try to save those endangered crafts and artisans. Mashghal then applied for and was granted funding of $35,000 in June 2021 from LSF which helped repair 10 workshops around the explosion area (Bourj Hammoud, Gemmmayze and Karantina) and endowed 9 artisans with an average amount of $1000 as part of the endowment program where Mashghal helped artisans by purchasing their products at retail and wholesale prices. Mashghal launched an online directory of 400+ artisans accessible for the public to raise awareness and create drive to those artisans and crafts in need.
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