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Milan Design Week

Sbodio32 "Sense-me" theme (Curiosity Box) SBODIO32 presents “sense-me” | Milan Design Week 2017 https://archivio.fuorisalone.it/2017/en/events/914/SBODIO32-presents-sense-me

Pleasure evoked by design. An arousing sensation, feeling, smell, color or texture. An exploration of how we are connected and what attracts us. A form of soul, spirit and sexuality.

Utilizing nature and technology to create new archetypes and objects of devotion, able to take us to different places, other times and alternative states of mind, as they take on meanings and significance beyond the sum of their material form. A new generation of design influenced by Shamanism, Eroticism and Technology. Objects that will become nomadic and ritualistic, innovative and futuristic, layered with other energies, embedded with a soul.

Design that touches you: sensual, sexual, avant-garde and contemporary, representing the Y-Generation.

Welcome to SENSE-ME; The sexiest experience of Milan Design Week 2017.
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