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Beirut Design Week

In 2018, the seventh edition of Beirut Design Week (BDW) makes a triumphant return with the intriguing theme "Design and the City: ___________". This edition invites not only designers but also activists, writers, educators, students, and diverse creatives to explore design's transformative power in shaping urban spaces that mirror our needs, desires, and dreams as city dwellers. "Design and the City: ___________" draws inspiration from local grassroots movements that challenge notions of agency and representation in decision-making processes that profoundly impact our lives. These movements offer alternative perspectives for envisioning inclusive models for the urban experience. While ongoing debates surround the viability of these models across the city, this year's theme provides a platform to showcase objects, tools, vocabularies, and processes that pave the way for new approaches to everyday place-making practices and reclaiming the right to the city.
Design permeates every aspect of our lives, and the limitless possibilities in the design landscape shape and reshape our experiences. This edition challenges creative designers to present their visions on how their practices can contribute to good governance, social inclusion, and environmental justice.
Delving into various facets, BDW 2018 explores the following themes: Design & the City: Social Change
How can architecture, furniture design, or jewelry design collaborate with social workers to play a transformative role in the city? in the city?
Design & the City: Environment
How can a fashion designer or a documentary maker engage with nature and make us reconsider our relationship with the environment? Design & the City: Fair-Use
How can the food and beverage industry adopt a design thinking approach to impact local economies and contribute to the city's environmental ecosystem? Design & the City: Governance
How can architects, urbanists, and planners influence state policies related to the reconstruction of a post-war city? Design & the City: Access
How can the tech industry collaborate with designers to reimagine daily interactions within the city and enhance urban life, especially for people with special needs?
Departing from the current city landscape, BDW 2018 focuses on seeking possibilities across the creative horizon rather than dwelling on existing norms. It envisions an alternative shared future with improved conditions to live, thrive, and engage. Through this theme, BDW2018 poses essential questions: How can designers from diverse creative industries shape structures that address blind spots, shortages, and problems within the urban experience? In what ways can they collaborate with other stakeholders to confront systemic and supplemental challenges? This year's invitation extends to actors within and beyond Lebanon's design community, united by a shared motivation for urban change. BDW2018 embraces a new direction by encouraging cross-disciplinary initiatives, setting the stage for participatory and community-led engagement in strategic planning, thematics, initiatives, and educational programs that collectively define the essence of BDW2018. Join us on this transformative journey!
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