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Beirut Design Week

This year, time and its dynamic rhythm take center stage in Beirut Design Week's theme, Design & Nostalgia. For those with a discerning eye, the imprints of bygone eras have always lingered on the canvas of design. As technology evolved, our minds expanded, and our aspirations aimed at propelling us forward, gradually distancing ourselves from the past. Yet, this past now confronts the velocity of our daily lives, leaving a subtle yearning for immersive, authentic experiences.In the realm of creatives – writers, artists, designers, architects, actors, and profound thinkers deeply rooted in the present – this year's theme unites us. It calls for a retrieval of the past, recognizing its intrinsic value and harnessing it to forge new visions and establishments. We are challenged to etch new statements based on those forgotten and departed times, exploring whether building on past foundations is imperative and if the spectrum of design shares common ancestors.Nostalgia, far from a mere sentimental journey, serves as a wellspring of inspiration for our creations this year. From integrating traditional tile patterns into jewelry to crafting wickerwork interior accessories, today's designers embody the Lebanese heritage. The resurgence of nineties fashion, the revival of the fanny pack, and the bold colors we adorn are evidence of an era in design that reminisces. Is this a fresh mode of creation or a sampling of designs from years past? The integration of nostalgic elements into our AI-driven societal paradigm prompts questions about the purpose and impact of this fusion. Can new technologies and electronic intelligence assist designers in incorporating their heritage into contemporary works? These are the shades that will permeate the discussions, workshops, and programs of BDW 2019, sparking illustrated opinions, collective disagreements, and creative epiphanies. At its core, this discourse delves into the essence of experience. Do we yearn for what's left behind, or do we seek inspiration from it? Designing consumer experiences demands a delicate balance between utility and visual storytelling, coupled with meaningful thematic meanings. As we embrace the past, are we endeavoring to create a collective memory that unites generations, or are we delving into the very roots that define us as creators, innovators, and visionaries? This is the essence of BDW2019 – a celebration of memories, past creations, and diverse opinions. Can the infusion of past elements indeed expand the boundaries of design? Join us at Beirut Design Week 2019 as we explore the theme of Design & Nostalgia, providing a space for creative minds in the Lebanese scene to discuss, learn, and propel design forward.
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