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Beirut Design Fair

In its third iteration, the Beirut Design Fair proudly reaffirms its commitment to presenting an exquisite array of exclusive collectible and limited-edition contemporary and modern furniture and design objects. Excitingly, this year's fair broadens its scope to include design jewelry. Another noteworthy development is the closer synergy with the Beirut Art Fair, a move designed to enhance the visitor experience. Once again, we elevate the standards of design excellence, thanks to our esteemed Selection Committee whose discerning criteria resonate across the fair's exhibitors. At the core of our identity lies a passion for spectacular installations, and this edition is no exception. Architect Rawad Rizk has been entrusted with crafting the scenography for this third edition. His two symbolic installations offer a harmonious encounter with Beirut's architectural complexity while simultaneously serving as cutting-edge displays to showcase exceptional design creations. Get ready to immerse yourself in the fair's unique atmosphere and revel in the world of extraordinary design
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