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Beirut Design Fair

In this second edition, our platform is poised to spotlight galleries and designers from international locales. This marks the initiation of our global engagement and openness. The emphasis on interaction and exchange propels enrichment, underscoring the pivotal role of networking in firmly establishing Beirut on the global Design map. Our ongoing commitment is evident in our continuous efforts to elevate the standard of our presentations each year, thanks to the invaluable contributions of our Selection Committee. We trust that you will sense this evolution. The incorporation of Museoscenography into the show, led by Galal Mahmoud and the GM Architects team, promises to leave you amazed! Our overarching goal is to surprise and captivate you, facilitating the discovery of beautiful creations and providing a platform for encounters with prominent figures in the global design community right here in Lebanon. We are resolute in our determination to ensure the success of this event, and your presence at the Beirut Design Fair 2018 is a testament to your belief in the power of design.
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