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Lusail Stadium Model

Our challenge was to seamlessly create a base and top with a complex pattern that proved too intricate for traditional CNC methods. Facing this hurdle head-on, we decided to detach the skin from the body of the base, paving the way for a groundbreaking approach. The base, crafted from wood, underwent a unique transformation. We utilized 3D printing to create a detached skin that beautifully unite itself to the wooden foundation. To achieve this, our compost master played an important role in shaping a mold, resulting in a composite base painted with gold leaf exterior and a pristine white interior. The top, a complex structure, emerged in two parts through the meticulous process of 3D printing. Using a CNC carved wooden master, we crafted a mold for an aluminum casting, leading to a piece finished in a matte white paint. The center flag pole, featured a 3D printed base coated in white paint. The hand, intricately 3D printed and painted in gold leaf, held a hand-painted flag. This project exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional design. By embracing 3D printing technology and combining it with traditional craftsmanship, we've created a masterpiece that challenges the norms of artistic expression.
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