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Visualizing Impact

Inspired by a series of highly detailed maps of Palestine from the British mandate period “ A National Monument” recreates a 3-dimensional snapshot of the major Palestinian cities and towns circa 1947, based on the final British surveys before the Nakba. The installation consist of over thirty 3-dimensional pieces derived from the original maps combined with topographic data from NASA. This exhibition also features prints from a series of 1:20,000 pop-cadastral maps from the 1940s, and two other projects by Visualizing Palestine: Palestine Open Maps and Visualizing Palestine Wearable. This collaboration was initiated by Ahmad Barclay, a long time partner with Visualizing Palestine, building on an ongoing vision to build partnerships with practitioners across art, design and cultural disciplines. The title “A National Monument’ is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the words of J.F. Salmon, direct of the Palestinain Survey (1933-38), who once wrote: “ a good topographical survey should be looked upon as a national monument of the first importance”. Words that take on unintended new meanings in light of the dramatic transformation of the territory over the past seven decades.
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