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Pasteur Intervention

The proposal is for the production of a permanent intervention on Pasteur Street, along an otherwise ordinary block, in a gap between two buildings. Prior to the blast, a guardrail protected pedestrians and residents from falling from a dangerous height to the parking lot below, but it has been more than 2 years and there is no such protection. More strikingly however the gap creates a perfectly framed view of the grain silos, now less than half their former volume. The site seems to hit one with a sudden awareness of the events of August 4th with a perspective on a monumental scale. City inhabitants do not have such an easily accessible location to contemplate the events of that day, such as a memorial, and certainly not one with such qualities. The intervention seeks to add the necessary safety feature needed, a balustrade, while heightening the quiet contemplation that the view provides. A QR code will be integrated to allow for an augmented reality experience overlaying a pre-blast image of the silos on their current state. This feature along with the position of the balustrade vis a vis the Port Silos serve as a subtle and gentle marker of that day.
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