DAMJ is a design and fabrication company specializing in architecture, furniture, lighting, interiors, and digital fabrication.



DAMJ is a unique design/build company founded by architect Ahmad Khouja, and based in the Mar Mkhayel area of Beirut. The inspiration and concept for “DAMJ” comes from the integration of several trades, fabrication techniques, and design sensibilities. Being a design/build company, the integration of fabrication realities is present in the design process from the very beginning, and this process influences the quality and detail present in our work

DAMJ is not only known for the original design pieces of Ahmad Khouja, but also for the diverse scope of work including: residential, commercial, interiors, lighting, bespoke items, art-installations, exhibitions, technical consulting, digital consulting/modeling tools, and project management.

DAMJ offers both design and fabrication services including the following:

Architecture Design

Full service feasibility studies, schematic design, visualizations, digital consulting, construction documents and construction administration.

Architectural Components and Detailing

Design and fabrication consulting for designers and architects in the realm of design components and detailing, from parametric modeling and analysis to digital and traditional means of fabrication.

Contemporary and Traditional Furniture Design and Fabrication

Providing a wide range of furniture design and fabrication, from traditional to contemporary, starting from the digital design of the piece and then fabrication using a wide variety of materials and techniques; wood, steel, plaster, resin, etc.

Digital Consulting

From modeling / rendering to parametric design / custom digital tools, DAMJ provides a range of digital consulting services for all stages of projects and have provided support, training and consultation for a number of leading Lebanese firms including: DAR AlHandasah, Tohme Architects, Nabil Gholam, Ghouyoum and Accent Design among others.

Project Management

Given that DAMJ is a design/build company with its own multi-trade fabrication workshop in-house, we are used to the constant coordination and back and forth feedback process between designers and craftsmen. This unique make-up allows us a unique ability to offer technical, architectural, and management consulting services on a wide range of projects, from construction work to exhibitions, large-quantity fabrication runs to specific installations.

Lighting Design and Fabrication

Using different fusions of materials, the light designs are inspired by mathematics and nature, working on indoor and outdoor lighting for residential or commercial settings.

Digital Fabrication

We provide a range of in-house CAD/CAM services including: CNC-milling / cutting / rotary milling, laser-cutting, and 3d-printing


Casting and formwork services are available in a variety of materials including: MDF, plywood, GFRC (glassfiber reinforced concrete), plaster and resin.


Ahmad Khouja



Having studied and worked in the US and UK before moving to Beirut, Ahmad has experience as an architect, furniture designer, installation artist, and fabricator. He has worked at a number of architecture firms on projects ranging in scale from low and high-rise residential, commercial, interior detailing, as well as furniture design. He is a graduate of Columbia and Berkeley Universities, and was employed by the faculty of architecture at LAU and AUB where he taught design studios and seminars with a focus on parametric design.

Whard Sleiman



Whard completed his Bachelor of Architecture at the Lebanese American University. His interests lie mostly in fabrication and especially wood work. His thesis focused on the repurposing of early 20th century houses of Beirut into public spaces, emphasizing on public furniture. He took on several volunteering opportunities with Catalytic Action working in the Bekaa Valley in the summers leading up to his graduation. He also gave several workshops in collaboration with SALAM on proper power tool use and techniques, to residents of camps in the Bekaa. He also enjoys acting and has been involved as a producer and actor in the short film Cold Blood Vol 1. Whard joined the DAMJ team before his last semester at LAU and since then has broadened his understanding of design and fabrication.

Leyla El Sayed Hussein



Leyla is an architect and researcher. She studied architecture first at the American university of Beirut, where she got her B.Arch., then at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, where she completed her master’s degree in Architectural Design with a focus on computation in design. Leyla is most interested in the phenomenon of digitization in architecture, and the philosophy of architecture in general and more specifically in the digital age. Alongside her work as an architect at DAMJ, she currently works on research projects at AUB. In parallel to architecture, Leyla is passionate about writing, having also studied Arabic literature. Her writings have been featured in As-Safir newspaper and in a book published by Dar Nelson in 2018.

No object is the result of the work of one person working alone, but rather it is the fruits of a labor born out of the interaction between a team of crafts people sharing knowledge and skills. We are lucky to have a solid such team.CRAFT
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